One Click Customer Feedback

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Gather actionable feedback from your customers using email based surveys, sent at exactly the right time. No coding required!

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Churndown is the easiest way to gather feedback on your e-commerce store. Automatically ask for feedback after a purchase.



Catch unhappy customers before they leave by gathering feedback before a customer is billed. Monitor happiness over time.


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Churndown uses Stripe to analyse your customer data and send surveys based on their billing date. Churndown will always be in sync with your app.

Email Survey Sent

An email based survey is always sent at the perfect time. Customers can answer directly from the email giving you a score of 1-10.

email sent at the right time

Analyse Results

Know who your promoters are and be alerted when a low score is submitted. Get real feedback about your products and service. Notice trends over time.

get historical user data

Find out what your customers really think of you and reduce your churn rate at the same time. It's easy to get started.

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Trending Data

See your performance over time and be notified when a customer’s scores drop. Make decisions based off customer data.

No Coding Required

When we say One-Click setup we mean it. No coding is required and you have complete control over what gets sent out.

Customer Profiles

Stay in touch with your customers using customer profiles. View their score history and contact them directly from Churndown.